Job title: District court attorney.

Sími: 821-1686.



2012  District Court Attorney

2008: Univeristy of Reykjavík, Masters of law.

2005: University of Reykjavík, Bachelor of Law.

2000  Verslunarskóli Íslands, Matricular exam.



2012  Lagarök law firm.

2010-2012  Ministry of Finance and economic affairs

2009-2010  Logos law firm

2007-2009  Directory of Internal Revenue, Head of the VAT department.

2006-2007  Directory of Internal Revenue,  Legal consultation.

2006  Ministry of Justice, Legal office.


Social activities:

2012  Appointed to a committee on the reimbursement of production costs of films and television programs in Iceland.

2011  Nominated to a working group on heating costs.

2007-  Partner in tax law Association.

Has been involved with drafting a number of legislation and regulations and has been appointed member of committees within the Ministry of Finance and Industry. Has participated in the work of Iceland’s application for EU membership. Has been designated by the Treasury Department as a member of the working group at the OECD on behalf of Iceland.


Teaching and research

2012 – Yearbook For Nordic Tax Research

2011. Icelandic Tax News 2011 – Co-author

Various lectures especially in the field of tax law, company law and administrative law.



Tax law, corporate law, administrative law, mortgage law, marital dissolution-liquidation, bankruptcy law and criminal law.