Lagarök law firm possesses extensive knowledge of compensation issues. The firm’s attorneys provide services regarding accident and compensation issuess and to the collection of insurance benefits. Our attorneys assist those involved in injury to achieve their rights.

Lagarök law firm provides services for all types of accidents, liability and insurance issues such as:

  • Work related accidents
  • Marine accidents
  • Traffic accidents
  • Motorcycles and snowmobile accidents.
  • Patient Insurance and medical malpractice.
  • Assaults and offenses
  • Leisure and accident occuring home
  • Collection of insurance benefits.

The firm’s attorneys are familiar with compensation rights, in each case, and how the interplay of the various compensation mechanisms work, but often the coverage can exist in more than one place for the same incident.

Work related accidents:

Every year the number of people injured in accidents. Employees are not equally covered and therefore it is important work carefully right from the beginning. The firm’s attorneys strive at all times to achieve the rights of victims with work related accidents.

Marine accidents:

Right to compensation for marine accidents varies depending on whether the person is registered crew member onboard or onboard in free time, or whether an accident is involved.

Traffic accidents, motorcycles and snowmobile accidents:

Right to compensation for traffic accidents is one of the most extensive coverage in this country. The firm’s attorneys will pursue the victims’ rights and ensure that the person does not suffer additional expenses.  

Patient Insurance and medical malpractice.

The firm’s attorneys have extensive expertise with patient insurance and medical malpractice. Patients have a broad right to compensation for losses they suffer during medical treatment.

Leisure and accident occuring home

It is worthy looking to professionals to assess the extent of coverage of leisure accidents and accidents with housework.


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